Consumer friendly home loan:

Consumer-friendly home loans have been available in the Hungarian home loan market since 2017 and can be applied for at any credit institution whose product has been awarded the MFL (Qualified Consumer Friendly Home Loan) certification. The rating is given by the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) on defined terms. Here are the key benefits […]

Types of Good Finance Instant Loan

You may have heard and read dozens of times what a good idea to save for buying your own home. The more you set aside the longer you have to rely on less credit. Typically, home saving is the first thing you are offered, as you can get up to $ 720,000 in gifts with […]

Hungarians Encouraged – Will We Swim in Loans?

The National Bank of Hungary has recently published impressive figures on retail lending in May, and Hungarians are again boldly applying for loans from credit institutions. Personal loans and home loans are gaining unprecedented popularity, with banks putting up $ 30 and $ 60 billion in May, up 50 percent on home loans for the […]

Quick payday loan

Fortunately, the days when we had to wait for days and even weeks to get a payday loan when we needed it in the shortest amount of time were gone. Of course, before the advent of technological and regulatory innovations, we were better off with payday loans than with a mortgage application when it came […]