You may have heard and read dozens of times what a good idea to save for buying your own home. The more you set aside the longer you have to rely on less credit. Typically, home saving is the first thing you are offered, as you can get up to $ 720,000 in gifts with state support.

Utilizing home savings sounds very good in theory

Utilizing home savings sounds very good in theory

However, life often does not mean that you can’t wait 10 years to buy a home, but not even the 4 years that are the shortest term of home savings. You can expand your family at any time and move into a larger apartment. Or what if you want to ride the property boom and want to get an apartment for rent as soon as possible?

In such cases, you cannot wait years for savings, you need to take immediate action. Even if you did not give up the state aid, fortunately there is a solution: Good Finance’s instant credit can come in handy just in such situations.

In this article, we’ll take you through what you need to know about Good Finance’s fixed-rate, instant savings home loan so you don’t have to wait for years to achieve your home goals.

Good Finance Instant Loan – What Is It And What Can It Do?

You can turn to Fundamento not only for home savings but also for a home loan. See you save time! After signing the contract, you get the amount you would have to wait 4 years at best. So this is not the traditional mortgage you are used to from banks.

The Home Savings Bank will provide you with a state-subsidized home loan without a savings period. Because how does home saving work? You can use your regularly deposited deposits, the interest earned on them and government subsidies, and if necessary, an additional home loan. That’s what you get in advance with a bridging loan.

What are Instant Loans for?

The Realizing and Realizing Extra Home Loans can be used for many purposes, as you have become accustomed to with home savings. You can use Good Finance instant credit for these purposes:

Buying a home: you can buy a new or used apartment or house.

Renovation, modernization: if it is time to renovate or need a new kitchen, instant loans will help. You can also use it if your entire home needs modernization.

Building and Expanding: You can build a brand new house from scratch, or build on an existing one.

Let’s take a closer look at what each credit product has to offer!