Farm house

Cheshire farm destroyed by massive fire goes up for sale

A farm in Cheshire that was destroyed by a massive fire has been put up for sale. The two-story building off Boundary Lane in Threapwood, Malpas, was put on the market months after the fire started in the early hours of October 28 last year. No one was seriously injured in the fire, but the […]

Farm markets

Maryland Seeks To Grow Local Food Movement Through Co-ops | Farmers markets

Food accessibility took center stage during the first of three webinars at the Western Maryland Food Council Virtual Conference. The video session was joined by approximately 75 attendees to listen to the keynote address by Mark Winne, author and senior advisor at the Center for a Livable Future at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of […]

Farm sales

The pandemic accelerates direct agricultural sales to consumers

During the pandemic, some consumers turned to local farmers and ranchers as a point of purchase, so businesses had to diversify quickly On a cold Sunday afternoon, Colby Townsend feeds 3,000 Rhode Island Red hens that lay 14,700 brown eggs each week at Hayden Fresh Farm, south of the small town of Hayden, in northwest […]