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222-acre Berwyn Estate farm for sale: $38 million


The sprawling main house at Rock Hill Farm dates back to 1900, but other houses on this huge farm date back much further. And you get a working nursery as part of the deal.

14,000 square foot mansions are quite rare, even on the famous Main Line. But the 14,000-square-foot mansions on 222-acre farms with five other homes on the property are likely the exact number of one: This one – Rock Hill Farm, 2320 S. Valley Rd., Berwyn, PA 19312 | Photos courtesy of Lavinia Smerconish (exterior) and Jack Aezen (interior), Compass Real Estate

Feast your eyes on these photos, folks: you’re now looking at the most expensive home for sale in the Greater Philadelphia area.

It’s far from overpriced, however, as this handsome 1900 Colonial is surrounded by a 222-acre working farm.

house for sale berwyn estate farm crèche and stable

Stable, nursery and two of the accessory houses, prior to the main house.

Known as Rock Hill Farm, this property includes five other houses in addition to the main house. It has an impressive two storey stable and a large barn. And you get a functional professional nursery with greenhouses, cold frames and raised beds as part of the deal too.

But the 14,031 square foot main house is the centerpiece and center of the farm. Built in 1900, it’s a handsome Colonial lobby center that deviates from the standard formula on several fronts.

The first of these facades is its informal massing, as you see in the photo above: the very modest front door reveals that this is truly an off-center Colonial.

Then there is the floor plan. Of course, it wouldn’t be a central Colonial if it didn’t have a central lobby. And it has a living room that spans the full width of the house.

But one wing of the house branches out at a 45 degree angle, and you’ll find the dining room and kitchen in this angled wing.

Where the dining room is usually found in a traditional colonial central hall, you find instead a beautiful library with a coffered ceiling.

It has a den, home office, and an elegant master suite with an even more elegant bathroom and walk-in closet.

It has two verandas, one overlooking the front terrace and another with a dining area overlooking the sloping wing garden.


Pool and shed

And with ten bedrooms, there’s plenty of room for you, your family and your guests.

Accessory house 1

Accessory house 1

house prop 2

Accessory house 2

If you don’t want to run the working farm yourself, you can always hire someone to run it for you and even offer to stay in one of the five houses on the property.

house prop 3

Accessory house 3

One of the houses has its own address and its own driveway; you can also rent it to a tenant.

And while this Berwyn farmhouse for sale sits along Philadelphia’s main line, its sheer size, rolling hills, and location on three scenic Chester County roads will make you forget you’re in the middle of the suburbs. .

Frankly speaking, this property is unlike any other you’ve seen here lately, and you probably won’t see it on the market anytime soon. If you dream of owning your own estate in the countryside, those dreams will find their full realization here.

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BEDS: ten

THERMES: 7 full, 4 half


SELLING PRICE: $38,000,000+

OTHER THINGS: This property is also being offered in two separate lots, each priced at $20 million.

2320 S. Valley Rd., Berwyn, Pennsylvania 19312 [Lavinia Smerconish and Jack Aezen | Compass]