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Kansas forward Jalen Wilson (10) and Kansas goaltender Christian Braun (2) box Baylor forward Flo Thamba (0) during the second half on Saturday February 27, 2021 at Allen Fieldhouse.
by Nick Krug

Kansas basketball fans received a giveaway in their socks on Wednesday when the Big 12 Conference released full schedules for the 2021-22 season.

For many Jayhawk fans, that meant plans to attend games – at home or away – could finally be finalized.

For some, this means setting the dates for this road trip per year with friends. For others, it’s about splitting up subscription packages and seeing if the matches fit their schedules.

It might seem a little strange to compare calendar release day to vacation, but you’d be surprised how many times I’m asked about the calendar each year. Starting in mid-June, people contact me every week, sometimes every day, to see if I know anything or have heard of a certain match date or the program’s release date. .

Now that it’s here, and all of these people and countless others are feverishly preparing their plans, let’s take a quick look at a few things that stood out in this year’s schedule.

We already knew the dates and games for the non-conference slate. So, as enticing as it is to remember how great two trips to New York, the renewal of the series with Missouri, a trip to Colorado and a Thanksgiving week tournament in Orlando will be, the focus will be. today only on what was immediately obvious. me about KU’s Big 12 schedule, which officially opens January 1 at home against TCU.

• Regardless of how the first half of the conference race unfolds, this thing is going to come down to what’s happening in February. Kansas play both Baylor and Texas TWICE between February 5 and March 5. And these two programs, both of which are screened among the top 10 preseason teams and conference contenders, will also face each other twice over a 16-day span in February. Getting off to a good start in the conference race is crucial in any season if you want to be in the race at the end. But it might be less important than ever this season due to such a busy schedule.

• The meanest stretch? Let’s go with the five-game streak between Jan. 24 and Feb. 7 that begins with a home game against the always tough defense of Texas Tech and ends with a road game in Texas, two days after hosting Baylor. at Allen Fieldhouse. Between Tech and UT, KU will also play Kentucky at home in the SEC / Big 12. Challenge. The only game in this streak that is expected to be against an unranked opponent will be on February 1 at Iowa State. Who would have thought five years ago that a game at the Hilton Coliseum would be seen as a relief when sectioning the killer rows of a future schedule.

• Easiest stretch? There are no real extended races without some kind of tough challenge. This is life at the Big 12 Conference these days. But it’s not the toughest start for Kansas in 2021-22. Home against TCU should be a layup and another home game against Iowa State in Game 4 should be as well. However, sandwiched between that, there are road games at Oklahoma State and Texas Tech, and no one has ever called these two sites easy to play. There’s a pretty good balance in this schedule, both in terms of tough challenges and easier matchups and home / road layout.

• I always like to watch the gap between the teams that play and there’s a pretty big one this season. After opening with TCU at Home on New Years Day, the Jayhawks and Horned Frogs won’t meet again for two months, March 1 in Fort Worth, TX. It’s the penultimate game of the regular season and could be critical in the Big 12 race. Rather than build on what they just saw a few weeks earlier, KU may have to start the process over again. scouting from the start with the frogs heading for the second round.

• The Big Monday balance is also quite good – two at home and two on the road. The first is Jan. 17 in Oklahoma, where the Jayhawks will get their first glimpse of new OU coach Porter Moser. After that, it’s home for Texas Tech on Big Monday the following week (Jan.24), Texas two weeks later (Feb.7), and home against Oklahoma State on Feb.14. There have been times in the past when the schedule has featured KU four times on Big Monday, but only gave the Jayhawks one of those at home. This makes sense for reviews and to inspire teams who don’t consistently sell their sites. But the 2-2 split seems much fairer.

• The conference did KU a disservice at the start of February, when by far the most difficult back-to-back of the season unfolds. After facing Baylor at home on Saturday, February 5, the Jayhawks travel to Austin, Texas for a Big Monday battle with Texas. It’s essentially a day to prepare for the Longhorns after an emotional showdown with the reigning national champions.

• Both Sunflower Showdown matches take place on the 22 of the month they are played – KU at K-State on January 22 and KSU against KU in Lawrence on February 22. I’ll have to research those dates, as well as the 22 in general, to see if it has any significance in the rivalry.

KU Men’s Basketball 2021-22 Calendar

November 3 vs Emporia State (exhibition)

November 9 v Michigan State (Champions Classic, New York)

November 12 against Tarleton State

November 18 against Stony Brook

November 25 vs. North Texas (ESPN Events Invitational, Orland, Florida)

November 26 vs. Dayton OU Miami (ESPN Events Invitational, Orland, Florida)

November 28 against Alabama, Belmont, Drake or Iona (ESPN Events Invitational, Orland, Florida)

December 3 in St. John’s

December 7 against UTEP (Kansas City, Missouri)

December 11 vs. Missouri

December 18 against Stephen F. Austin

December 21 in Colorado

December 29 against Harvard

January 1 against TCU

January 4 at Oklahoma State

January 8 at Texas Tech

January 11 vs. Iowa State

January 15 against West Virginia

January 17 in Oklahoma

January 22 at Kansas State

January 24 vs. Texas Tech

January 29 vs. Kentucky

February 1 in Iowa State

February 5 vs. Baylor

February 7 in Texas

February 12 vs. Oklahoma

February 14 against the state of Oklahoma

February 19 in West Virginia

February 22 v Kansas State

February 26 at Baylor

March 1 at the TCU

March 5 vs. Texas

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