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Elmer Gentleman’s Farm House for Sale


The centerpiece of this 177-acre, partly wooded estate is an elegant, sprawling farmhouse that channels the 18th century but is much younger.

What looks like an 18th century colonial on which a ranch has been grafted actually started life in 1940 as a hunting lodge. It is now the simply elegant centerpiece of a 177-acre gated farm located at 93 Remsterville Rd., Elmer, NJ 08318 | Photos: Ronnie Bruce Photography via HomeSmart First Advantage Realty

I have said that “by ‘moving to the countryside’, suburbanites destroy what they are looking for.

If you move into this gentleman Elmer’s farm for sale, the chances of you doing so are slim to nil.

That’s because this home sits on a 177-acre, partly wooded parcel in Alloway Township that’s zoned for agriculture. And on top of that, 117 of those acres are enrolled in the New Jersey Forest Service’s Forest Stewardship Program, which requires woodland owners to create and maintain a forest stewardship plan in order to qualify for lower ratings in under the Farmland Assessment Act 1964. .

This property, however, was farmland long before this law became law. It consists of approximately 117 acres of forest, approximately 58 acres of agricultural land and one acre on which the main farm is located.

As you should be able to see in the photo above, this farmhouse consists of an original Colonial, on which a low addition has been added.

house for sale home of gentleman elmer's farm


This Colonial seems to date back to at least the 19th century.

house for sale elmer gentleman's farm salon

Living room

And inside, it continues to offer that early American authenticity through details such as its wood-burning marble fireplace mantel trim and decorative plasterwork around the light in the middle of its living room. However, the original house is actually a faithful reproduction from the past which has most likely been remodeled to its present form – it was built in 1940 as a hunting lodge.

house for sale elmer gentleman's farm dining room

Dining room

Its dining room continues the faithful reproduction of the colonial style with its built-in dresser in a corner and the medallion surrounding its classic chandelier. But that room is actually in the addition that tripled the size of this house in the 1980s.

house for sale elmer gentleman's farm family room

The dining room

Beyond is a much more contemporary family room. It has a vaulted ceiling with exposed beams, aged woodwork and a beautiful stone fireplace.

second floor den

Second floor boudoir

A boudoir (or office, or games room) overlooks this room from the second floor. Next to it is a laundry room, one of the two that this house contains (the other is on the ground floor).

house for sale elmer gentleman's farm kitchen


Behind the dining room and family room you will find a beautiful, well equipped traditional style kitchen with an adjoining casual dining area.

house for sale elmer gentleman's farm kitchen


Redone five years ago, the kitchen features thick granite countertops, a six-burner gas cooktop, double wall oven, full-size refrigerator and adjacent microwave. .

house for sale elmer gentleman's farm casual dining

Casual dining room

Its peninsula has glass-fronted dressers next to the dining room, which has a gas fireplace and whose large bay window overlooks the backyard.



A partially covered porch off the dining area allows you to dine outside and relax when the weather permits.

back yard/side yard

Backyard/side yard

Adjacent is a wraparound landscaped back and side yard, one of many distinct outdoor spaces on the home’s grounds.

Back inside, past the family room, the ground floor has two bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms that make ideal guest, in-law or au pair bedrooms.

master bedroom

master bedroom

The spacious master bedroom occupies the second floor of the original house.

Main bathroom

Main bathroom

In addition to the huge bedroom, the master suite has two master bathrooms. A large walk-in closet leads to one of the two baths.

main bathroom

Main bathroom

The other contains both a large shower cubicle and a bathtub. The second floor contains two more bedrooms and the third floor consists of a bonus room with a large closet and a whole house ventilation fan.


Swimming pool

A paved driveway crosses the back yard from the house to the pool. It has a cabana by the pool where you can shower and change clothes, and a gazebo on one side. A one car garage is attached to the house and behind the gazebo by the pool there is parking for three more cars.

aerial view of farm and farm buildings

Aerial view of farm and farm buildings; belvedere and ponds on the left

Beyond and slightly in front of the back and side yard is another gazebo which overlooks a series of ponds.

barn and shed

Barn and recreation building

And behind it all is the farm, which contains all the facilities you need to raise farm animals or horses. There is a fenced pasture with water and electricity for the first.

barn stables and washing cabins

Stables and washing cabins in the barn

The 40 by 80 foot barn has three or four stalls and four grooming stalls with water and drains for these. It also has bathrooms and a hayloft where you can store hay grown directly on your farm. It also has solar panels to generate electricity.

Next to the barn is a 40ft by 80ft shed topped with solar panels. It could be transformed into an indoor carousel. There is also a 40ft by 80ft recreation building, also fitted with owner installed solar panels and a 30ft by 80ft garage. (The land on which the outbuildings are located is actually zoned commercial.)

aerial view of farm and forest

Aerial view of farm and forest; Remsterville Road in the foreground

Here, on the farm which includes this Gentleman Elmer’s Farmhouse for Sale, you will live in splendid seclusion and enjoy true peace and quiet – save for the sounds of the animals that inhabit your forest. For recreation, you can stroll through your woods or sit by the fire pit next to the pool and take in the sights and sounds of the night.

Or you can even go hunting in your woods with the proper permit, however recently introduced legislation would limit your right to do so if adopted. And if you need a taste of city life, you can always drive to Elmer to the east or Salem to the west.

But if that’s the kind of place you’d like to live, city life probably doesn’t hold much appeal for you. You move around the country to save it, not destroy it.



THERMES: 4 full, 1 half


SELLING PRICE: $2,500,000

OTHER THINGS: Interested in seeing the place? Do not drive onto the property without first making an appointment with the listing agent. And you may have to negotiate with the seller to acquire the solar panels.

93 Remsterville Road, Elmer, NJ 08318 [Kirsten Oravec | HomeSmart First Advantage Realty]

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