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Farmers’ markets offering residents products from the valley | Inside Pennsylvania

It’s easy to run into a grocery store and throw produce, bread, dairy, and meat in a cart and call it healthy.

But, can you know for sure where this food was grown or raised? Can you know for sure which pesticides were used?

Farmers’ markets are available year round in our area, not just during the warmer months, and the people working at these markets can answer these questions for you, said Cynthia Clayton, Nutrition Advisor at Penn State Extension. covering Union, Snyder and Northumberland counties.

“Farmers can provide more information on storing and caring for produce as well as recipe ideas,” she said.


“Unlike the grocery store where produce was, more than likely, picked a few days ago and then shipped from all states, locally grown produce at the Farmers’ Market is available at the height of harvest, providing freshness. and higher nutrient content. Farmers don’t have to worry about shelf life, quality and taste for these reasons, ”said Samantha Zlotorzynski, Penn State Extension’s food, family and health educator in Sunbury.

Walking around the market can be an experience in itself, ”said Zlotorzynski. “Connecting with local farmers and supporting your community is just one of the reasons you should consider going to the farmers market,” she said.

Sponsoring local businesses is another great reason to stop by a farmer’s market, said Alison Steibe, market manager for the Lewisburg Farmer’s Market. “You support local farms and businesses, which depend on your sponsorship, to be able to continue working,” said Steibe. the overhead costs of their own storefront.

It’s more affordable than you might think, Clayton and Zlotorzynski said.

“The cost of a farmers market compared to that of a grocery store is comparable, if not lower. Sometimes you can get more for your money at the farmer’s market and again you get fresh, high-quality produce for that amount, ”Zlotorzynski said.

She added that SNAP, food stamps and WIC can also be used in these businesses.

Local farmers markets (not roadside), please check days and times of sale

Ard’s farm, 4803 Old Turnpike Road, Lewisburg, PA 17837

(570) 374-1044

Sunbury Market House, 436 Market Street, Sunbury

(570) 286-5801

Susquehanna Valley Farmers Market

Brook Park Pet Supply ~ Left Entrance, 400 Farley Circle, Lewisburg

Elysbourg farmer’s market, Memorial Park Avenue and Veterans Way, Elysburg

Lewisburg Farmers Market, 600 Fairground Rd, Lewisburg, PA 17837

(814) 237-1960

Rorhrbachs agricultural market, 240 South Drive, Catawissa, Pennsylvania, 17820

(570) 356-2597

Middleburg Cattle Auction / Market, 6592 Route 522, Middleburg, PA 17842