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Farmers Markets Prepare for Pumpkin Season, Inflation/Weather Creates Challenges

SALISBURY, Md. — They’re usually orange in color, streaked, and come in all shapes and sizes. We are talking about pumpkins!

With autumn fast approaching, places like Adkins Farm Market in Salisbury are preparing to welcome the crowds. “We have a lot of women who come this time of year looking for that perfect pumpkin and they will last. They should last until Thanksgiving,” owner Tammy Adkins said.

What begins as small seeds usually planted in June, later becomes profit for the Adkins.

Yet this year you may be paying more for this fall staple thanks to record inflation. “Of course, the price of fuel affected everything. The fertilizer for his pumpkins has been amazing,” Adkins said.

“It seems like everything has gone up and of course parents are seeing that at the grocery store, so that’s affected us as well.”

The Adkins tells 47ABC to keep serving the perfect pumpkin, they’ll need the perfect weather. “And we didn’t get a lot of rain in August, so the hot weather where it’s over 90 degrees, we didn’t get the pollination we should have had,” said farmer and owner Gaylon Adkins.

“So we’re probably looking at half a pumpkin crop.”

We are told that the market will always have a fairly good selection with some outside help. “I’ve already bought a few pumpkins from upper Delaware and will probably have some from Pennsylvania. I really need to finish picking my field to see exactly what I have, but I know I probably won’t have enough,” Adkins said.

Now it’s harvest time! As the Adkins prepare for their 17th fall, despite some challenges, they are excited to continue bringing smiles to families one pumpkin at a time. “It’s just the knowledge we’ve had over the years from every experience we’ve had and we really appreciate the customers. We have repeat families and it’s so amazing to see how they’ve grown in those 17 years,” Adkins said.

Due to tight inventory, the Adkins advise buying your pumpkins as soon as possible.

They also want to give you a useful trick at home, which is to wash your pumpkins with bleach. We are told that this kills all bacteria to help them last longer.