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Gelato Messina launches first retail concept at Harris Farm Markets

Messina has unveiled a ‘never seen before’ offering in a new retail concept at the new Harris Farm Markets store in Lane Cove, Sydney.

It’s Gelato Messina’s first retail concept inside Harris Farm, which founder Nick Palumbo credits with similar origin stories for the businesses and increased demand for his delicious gelato in the area. The majority of the range is exclusive to the store, including six to-go pints of gelato designed to be stored in your home freezer and eaten straight from the jar: French Vanilla, Caramel, Milk Chocolate, Berries & Cream, Cookies & Cream. , Chocolate Chip.

There will be a selection of cold Bavarian cream pies (malt choc, frozen vovo, lemon meringue and tiramisu) and ice cream cakes which can be eaten frozen or semifreddo (boysen berry cheesecake and slab). Customers can also expect an assortment of frozen family cookie pies and cookie dough rolls ready to take home and bake.

In a first for the brand, there will be a cookie pie building station offering customizable family pies that are baked fresh on site, where customers can choose their own dough, fillings and toppings made in Messina, centered on its unique – original chocolate. Plus, gelato accessories like dulce de leche, chocolate hazelnuts, cone packs and waffle spreads that are produced in-house at the Messina headquarters.

For the first time outside of Messina stores, customers will also be able to buy fresh Jersey milk, direct from Gelato Messina’s dairy farm in Numurkah, Victoria.

“Our philosophy is to partner with manufacturers whose products we like to eat ourselves. We have been long time fans of Gelato Messina and are thrilled to be able to support the team’s first retail launch with Harris Farm Markets. Not to mention helping the people of the Lower North Shore with their love of ice cream,” says Harris Farm Markets Co-CEO Tristan Harris.

The Harris Farm Markets Lane Cove store will house Sydney’s first Rebel Donuts and the retailer’s largest in-house bakery offering by The Cook and The Baker, which is also the first venture from the famed Bondi Bakery across the bridge.

“Lane Cove is Harris Farms Markets Sydney’s biggest store to date, and it’s packed with everything you need to tick off your shopping list. From your weekly fruit, veg and farm shop to weekend entertainment – there’s Salumi charcuterie, fresh bread and over 500 cheeses. This store is not just about convenience, but it’s a destination for North Shore residents thanks to our fantastic dealer partners,” said Mr. Harris.

To celebrate the store opening, the retailer’s loyalty program, Friend of the Farm, is running an entry contest to win free fruits and vegetables for a year, plus additional exclusive discounts and secret menu items with the store’s dealer partners.

Harris Farm Markets Lane Cove will feature over 300 new products and expanded lines, an extensive plant-based line and a new Foods of the World arcade featuring Italian, Asian, Mexican and South American specialties.

The store will feature the retailer’s sustainable ranges of upcycled perishable foods, Re-purposeful Picks, as well as the cost-conscious and environmentally conscious fruit and vegetable range, Imperfect Picks.