Hard rain to come as the weather warms up

ROCKFORD (WREX) – The weather gets warmer at the end of the week, but this may be the only change we’re seeing. A long period of dry, sunny weather can set in with the heat, meaning beneficial rains stay away a little longer.


Temperatures remain near average on Wednesday, then heat up to nearly 90 degrees on weekends. We haven’t had a day in the 90s yet this year, but we’ve come close once or twice.

Mid-week, look for temperatures around 80 degrees Wednesday afternoon. Just like Tuesday, look for plenty of sun, low humidity, and a light breeze. Thursday enters the 80s, when conditions do not change otherwise.

The heat rises by Friday and peaks this weekend.

Friday is when the heat begins to build up. Temperatures are heating up in the 1980s, placing us almost 10 degrees above average. Saturday and Sunday bring the heat, one or two degrees near 90 degrees. It could be our early days in the 90s in some places.

Sunny weather remains in play throughout the weekend so no changes are coming there. The humidity rises a little, but not to the point that the air is heavy.

Rain needed:

The weather can remain sunny and dry throughout the week, with rain not likely to arrive until next Monday.

While it is easy to plan for sunny and warm weather, we could really enjoy a rainy period. It might not happen until next week.

An active model could be put in place from Monday. For now, the pattern doesn’t look completely soggy, as showers and storms can be scattered instead.

This active pattern could continue at least Thursday. As mentioned above, don’t plan for a washout as there is a lot of dry weather between scattered showers.

The risk of rain does not retain the heat. We can stay near 90 degrees throughout the next week. As the active model kicks in, the humidity continues to climb, so conditions can look sweltering by the middle of next week.

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