Farm house

Historic Fulton Farmhouse for Sale

For 128 years the same family lived and worked the land on top of a hill in San Marcos.

SAN MARCOS, Calif .– In 1893, a man named John Fulton bought 65 acres of land and perched his barn and house on top of a hill.

128 years later, he’s still there, and currently on the property is John Fulton’s great-great-great-great-great-great-granddaughter.

But for those who grew up at or visited Fulton Ranch in the summer, like cousins ​​George “Packy” McFarland and Clifford Hard will remember it as a backdrop to their childhood and the many memories that come with it.

“The big pepper tree was a great thing to climb and build forts,” McFarland said. “It was really like the Little Rascals or Andy from Mayberry. It was a great place to grow up. We did all kinds of silly things. We had a lot of fun.”

But over time, so will the children.

Packy’s sister Mary has moved to Nebraska and for the first time in 128 years the Fulton Ranch is empty – the family thinks it’s a good time to sell the historic property.

“I’m in the early 70s,” Hard said. “And for someone to say, ‘Ah, aren’t you sad? »That will be the case. I am so blessed to have over 70 years of memories here, a place to go for Christmas, for the holidays, to visit relatives. I have always been welcome. “

On the estate’s sale this weekend, curious buyers browsed through the family’s relics or just wanted to visit the old Fulton barn on the hill.

But once the family finds a buyer for the old ranch, a piece of history will end in San Marcos. However, the stories and memories of this house will be told for generations to come. Sometimes you have to go back to childhood to say goodbye.

“Right here under this pepper tree,” Hard said. “Packy and I spent the night sleeping outside like a little kid to say goodbye to each other.”

The Fulton family currently owns the property in the market.

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