‘Kuch khas hain’ says industry on Cadbury ad revisit from Mondelez

Almost two decades after a Cadbury Girl Shimona Rashid’s shameless dance on the cricket pitch, Cadbury Dairy Milk and its partner creative agency Ogilvy have rekindled the memory, perhaps in a much gentler way this time around.

The brand launched Friday the revamped version of its iconic “Kuch Khas Hai” campaign, swapping genres; the woman is playing cricket and her boyfriend rushes onto the field, dancing happily to celebrate her by hitting a sixer.

While the goal of the iconic 90s campaign was to get adults to eat chocolate, this time the cause is nobler: supporting gender inclusion. And the marketing industry loves it!

Watch the advertisements:

Brand strategist, coach and industry veteran Ambi Parameswaran said: “I think Cadbury Cricket advertising is one of the best known and most loved commercials produced in the age of television. In my book Nawabs Nudes Noodles – India through 50 years of advertising I traced the origin of the ad to a very powerful consumer perspective: Why can’t adults enjoy chocolates? What can prevent them from seeing chocolates as a product only for children? The ad worked wonderfully for the brand and many campaigns promoting adult consumption followed. So it’s fitting that the ad has been edited for the new era where a girl could play cricket and an anxious boyfriend could chew on his Cadbury Dairy Milk.

“We wonder if this has been waiting to be done for a few years! But that said, the agency and client are to be commended for making the announcement and staying true to the original. It almost sounds like a parody of the original, and that was probably the intention. I loved it when I saw it this morning. And when you see something like that, you wonder, “Damn, why didn’t I think of it first!” Well done to the agency and to the client!

Elephant Design Co-Founder and Director Ashwini Deshpande is also excited to see a brand celebrating women’s cricket like this: “I loved the publicity. It’s still a great story told with different characters this time around. While it has an incredible agenda, it is done without any patronizing or direct attitude. And that’s what I really like about this ad. My sister played cricket for the state in the 1980s and even trained her team in a (then) small town like Aurangabad. It took 40 odd years for women’s cricket to come close to mainstream, which is so welcome. Cadbury’s & Ogilvy – well done!

SheThePeopleTV founder Shaili Chopra believes the ad makes a fearless point in a familiar voice and works in her favor: “The ad carries a long-awaited message about gender exchange in a society that compartmentalizes people. roles of men and women. In that sense, the announcement is a heartwarming nudge for fence guards and a fun champion of needed gender equality efforts via something familiar and mass media. It tells of the fact that brands can change and need to change and propel a strong message of equality in creative ways that make an impact.

Thirteen Communications Founder and CEO Sonam Shah adds, “Mondelez has taken a big step forward in recreating this iconic Cadbury ad and attaching an important message for today’s era. The buzz it has created, within the industry as well as among consumers, is phenomenal. The campaign does a commendable job of bringing people down the road of nostalgia and hitting the right ropes of human emotions. Recreating legacy ads comes with a very high risk if the execution is not done well or does not go well within the audience. So kudos to Ogilvy for taking this step! Overall, this is a great publicity and it will hold great brand recall value in the long run. ”

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