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Salman Khan’s Panvel Farm House and Galaxy Apartments, 150 Acres of Maharaja’s Life

Ever since it emerged that mobster Lawrence Bishnoi had hatched a plot to kill actor Salman Khan at his farm in Panvel, fans have been left giddy. Not only has Sidhu Musewala remained on Lawrence Bishnoi’s list of targets, but he’s also had his eye on Salman Khan in recent years. Before killing Sidhu Musewala, Bishnoi planned to kill Salman. For this, some Bishnoi shooters had to rent a room from Panvel itself. Salman Khan’s farm is in Panvel itself, where the actor often goes. According to reports, the shooters had rented a room there and stayed there for only about a month and a half after reconnoitering the road leading to Panvel.

Plan B to kill Salman Khan at Panvel Farm House was hatched by Lawrence Bishnoi in Tihar Prison with his henchmen. It is said that Lawrence Bishnoi planned the Panvel farm to kill Salman because the actor often goes there to relax. Salman Khan had also said in an episode of “Bigg Boss 15” that whenever he wanted to relax from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, he left his farm.

Salman’s Panvel Farm spans 150 acres
Not only that, Salman Khan spent the entire duration of the lockdown in 2020 at Panvel Farmhouse Salman Khan. While he also has his own flat in Bandra, Mumbai where he lives with his parents. Let us tell you that the name of Salman’s farm is Arpita Farms which is located a short distance from Mumbai. The actor named the farm after his sister Arpita Khan. This new home of Salman i.e. Panvel Farm House is 150 acres. It has all the luxury amenities, from the gym to the private swimming pool. According to reports, its value is said to be Rs 80 crore.

Panvel Farm Photo: YouTube

Modern gymnasium, horses and swimming pool on a farm
Since Salman owns the ‘Being Strong Fitness Equipment’ and ‘SK27 Gym’ franchise, he also had these equipment installed in the gym built on the farm. There are many luxurious rooms in Salman’s Panvel Farm House. There is also a deluxe bungalow here. As Salman Khan is very fond of horses, he also built a horse stable here. Whenever Salman comes to Panvel Farm House to hang out with friends, he rides a horse. Sometimes he feeds the horses himself and also cleans the premises.

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Net worth of crores but Salman lives in 1 BHK apartment
There are many beautiful corners at Panvel Farm House. But a large Buddha statue by the pool attracts everyone’s attention. Salman Khan may go to Panvel Farm House to escape the hustle and bustle, but for several years he has been living with his mother Salma and father Salim Khan in the Galaxy Apartments in Bandra. His stepmother Helen also lives with him. Salman is often seen saying that family is everything to him. Family comes to them first and foremost. Seeing Salman, this thing is also proven. Despite being such a big star and a lot of money, he has been living with his parents in a small house for many years.

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Salman’s Apartment, Photo: Instagram

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Salman sleeps on the couch, doesn’t run AC
Salman is a big star in the country and he has a fan following in thousands across the world. His annual earnings and net worth also stand at several thousand crores, but Salman has a big heart. Salman is a middle class man in life, who was also mentioned by his friend Mahesh Manjrekar in an interview. Mahesh Manjrekar had said that whenever he went to the Galaxy Apartments, he always found Salman lying on a couch. He doesn’t even sleep with the air conditioning on. Mahesh Manjrekar had said that Salman lived a life like an ordinary man. He lives in a one-bedroom apartment and most of the time he lies on the sofa.

salman khan house

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Life as an ordinary man, small apartment
Salman’s Galaxy Apartments is located in Bandra, Mumbai which is a posh locality. But someone will be surprised to see this Salman apartment. It’s because this house of Salman is not like the luxurious houses of other movie stars. It’s not a duplex either. This Galaxy apartment of Salman is only a one-bedroom apartment, in which he spent his entire childhood. Great memories were reminisced with the parents. Even Salman doesn’t want to live in a fancy house. A few years ago he said in an interview: “I have a lot of memories in this house. I used to play, have fun with the rest of the kids in the building here. Sometimes he used to eat at his house with friends and sometimes he used to eat at their house.

salman khan house

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Salman on the ground floor and mum and dad on the first floor
Salman’s Galaxy Apartment is located in a building located in Bandra. Salman lives on the ground floor, while his parents live on the first floor. Salman’s apartment is only 1BHK. Since he lives alone, he thinks 1 BHK is enough for him. The dining room and living room of Salman’s apartment are L-shaped and have an open kitchen. Apart from this there is a large bedroom, with which the bathroom is attached. There is no confirmed information on the cost of this Galaxy apartment by Salman Khan. But according to reports on the internet, its price is around 100 crore right now.

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