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Farmers’ markets offering residents products from the valley | Inside Pennsylvania

It’s easy to run into a grocery store and throw produce, bread, dairy, and meat in a cart and call it healthy. But, can you know for sure where this food was grown or raised? Can you know for sure which pesticides were used? Farmers’ markets are available year round in our area, not just […]

Farm markets

Virginia Farmers Markets Positioned for Post-Pandemic Success | Farmers markets

The COVID-19 pandemic has left supermarkets reeling from lack of supply and supply chain disruptions, pushing consumers to explore new markets and develop new food buying habits. A survey by the USDA, Colorado State University, Penn State University and the University of Kentucky found that farmers’ markets and direct farmer sales are likely to benefit […]

Farm markets

Harris Farm Markets has opened its second store in Brisbane in the West Village of the West End

Six months after opening its first Queensland store in Clayfield – and over 40 years after opening the family brand in Sydney – Harris Farm Markets launched its second Brisbane location in the West End. Whether you live in the inner city suburbs or are just passing through, you can now stop by the chain’s […]

Farm markets

Farmers’ markets are almost back to pre-COVID conditions | Farmers markets

The opening in the spring of Virginia Farmers’ Markets is a welcome return to normal for farmers and consumers alike. Last spring, many farmers had to order online, forcing some to set up websites. Market operators have had to develop contactless delivery systems and provide hand washing stations, increase space between booths and limit in-person […]

Farm markets

Clark County is home to two 2021 Certified Farmer’s Markets – Winchester Sun

Beech Springs Farm Market and Clark County’s Fink Meats are two of 108 markets in the state accepted into the Kentucky Farm Bureau (KFB) Certified Farmer’s Market Program 2021. By joining the KFB Certified Farm Market Program, these markets are committed to providing quality products and services to their customers. Acceptance by Farm Bureau tells […]

Farm markets

Laurel County is Home to Two 2021 Certified Farmers’ Markets | Lifestyles

LOUISVILLE — Cornett Farm Fresh Town Store and Laurel County’s Wildcat Mountain Cheese are two of 108 Commonwealth markets accepted into the Kentucky Farm Bureau’s (KFB) 2021 Certified Farmer’s Market Program. Opening the market this spring is Cornett Farm Fresh Town Store. By joining the KFB Certified Farmer’s Market program, these markets are committed to […]

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The pandemic accelerates direct agricultural sales to consumers

During the pandemic, some consumers turned to local farmers and ranchers as a point of purchase, so businesses had to diversify quickly On a cold Sunday afternoon, Colby Townsend feeds 3,000 Rhode Island Red hens that lay 14,700 brown eggs each week at Hayden Fresh Farm, south of the small town of Hayden, in northwest […]

Farm markets

List of local agricultural markets

Be sure to contact the farmer’s market before going on COVID-19 guidelines. ORANGE COUNTY ** Back to the Future Farm: 240 Browns Rd., Westtown, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily. Free farm tours available. Rose Hubbert, 283-0366. ** Cornwall Town Farmer’s Market: Town Hall parking lot, 183 Main Street, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., […]