In Hollywood, we often hear stories about women accusing men of sexual abuse or inappropriate conduct. However, HBO’s Gbenga Akkinagbe Thread accused journalist Lola Adesioye of sexual assault, apparently citing two incidents which he said happened last year. The allegations will now be heard by a judge after the charges are laid and Adesioye has been arrested for “forced touching, sexual abuse and harassment,” reports the New York Post.

Adesioye’s attorney, Robert Gottlieb, publicly responded to the allegations, refuting Akkinagbe’s claims that his client and the actor were involved in a consensual relationship. Akkinagbe reportedly said in court documents that the reporter grabbed his butt twice.

Gottlieb allegedly claimed there were several affectionate texts, enough to fill three binders. “In that first binder, there are hundreds of text messages exchanged between them that make it very clear that you have two young people flirting with each other,” Gottlieb said. “They were talking about snuggling … They were talking about kissing.”

At one point, Adesioye moved to Brooklyn, and his new home happened to be in a building that Thread the actor owns. “After this latest incident there were all the text messages that showed a continuation of their relationship, but now it’s clear that she feels hurt and abused by this man because while this is going on she is leaving her apartment in Manhattan and moves into an apartment he owns and is now a neighbor of his, ”the lawyer said The Post.

“They are on trips to the upstate and it was after he alleged that she had committed sex crimes against him,” he added. “She worked for him 24 hours a day. She was on call every second of every day – on weekends, writing press releases for him. Lawyer says things took a turn once Adesioye failed to pay rent on time and there was tension because the reporter then asked Akkinagbe to be compensated for all the work. that she would have done for him.

The two men filed complaints against each other, “Adesioye asking for compensation for his work and Akinnagbe asking for rent reimbursement,” and they were able to come to an agreement and settle down. However, Akkinagbe decided he wasn’t quite done and filed criminal charges.

Gottlieb calls the accusations “blatantly false.”

Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty Images