Weather: Take advantage of dry weather this weekend as next week will be rainy | Time

Eighty-degree days by the sea are unusual, but not uncommon. September 24 is the last day, on average each year, that the high reaches 80 degrees at Frank S. Farley State Marina in Atlantic City. Eighty-degree days occurred until November 3, no later than 2016.

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With that said, expect an ode to the past, a refreshing sea breeze front, to work in the seaside towns, taking you “down” to the ’70s for the afternoon. We will always be dealing with rough seas too.

Sunday evening should be dry. A low will move into the Great Lakes and a warm front will move to the north. Expect heat-trapping clouds that will put us in the 70s for the evening, like summer. Overnight lows will be in the mid to high 60s. I wouldn’t be surprised if some in South Jersey had the A / C on.

Monday should follow in the footsteps of Sunday night in the sense that I think we will be dry, but it will be close. Shorts, swimwear, and sandals will all be on trend as we have another day around 80 degrees for the highs.

Then the weather changes. Expect unstable weather Tuesday through Saturday. Expect coastal flooding sometimes Thursday through Saturday, which luckily we haven’t had to deal with in quite some time.

This low pressure system in the Great Lakes will move into the Virginia. Then it will run out of steam, but a new depression will develop in the Great South and try to move towards us.

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