Yash Vashishtha set to revolutionize advertising and marketing industry with social media

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Posted 07.10.21, 17:14 PM

They say it takes a lot of determination and courage to make sure you are living the life of your dreams and Yash Vashishtha is a living example of that. Hailing from Mumbai, the enthusiast has driven the market with his immense knowledge and passion. Currently, he is the owner of leading social media marketing agency named Social Matte Media which is known for its innovative ideas to increase brand reach.

Over time, Yash has built up a great team of experts who work diligently to help their clients with their businesses. The covid era has been a curse on all businesses, including the advertising industry. Yash believes entrepreneurship is about solving people’s problems. Therefore, to solve this problem, Yash created the startup Social Matte Media. He solved the sudden hiatus in the advertising industry.

By converting online news portals into marketing portals, Yash and his team have taken the lead in being the change in the marketing and advertising industry. By creating media portals on multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, they ensure a wider reach of the project from the client to the audience via one click.

When asked how his solutions will benefit people in their business, Yash said, “Currently, we have a network of over 1,000 media portals with an audience network of over 800 million people. Our team has revolutionized online advertising medium. and has collaborated with brands through these media pages. ”On top of that, the owner also claims to have monetized existing media portals and has taken the initiative to provide business to all existing and new customers.

Regarding revenue generation, Yash revealed that Social Matte Media connects brands to media portals willing to advertise their products through social media marketing at minimal cost. With each transaction, they reduce a certain percentage which they keep as income.

Yash’s startup is more than welcoming to young talents from all over the world. The owner says any number of people can join the business to work online and earn money. Interested people can start working with them and they will guide you in your professional development. Social Matte Media is poised to revolutionize the advertising and marketing industry and we all know Yash won’t stop until he takes the business to new heights.

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